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At Lion's Tribe Academy, we wanted to create an affordable option for families.  Your child is provided with a curriculum that will be tailored specifically to promote learning and growth.


Preschool & Elementary (Pre-6th) under $28 a day (paid monthly)

1 annual payment - Preschool & Elementary $4600 (due May 1st) includes a 8% discount

10 monthly payments - Preschool & Elementary $500 each month (first school day of the month)

*To secure your child's spot at LTA, a nonrefundable deposit of Preschool & Elementary $500 will be required at enrollment per-child

Half Day Preschool 


1 annual payment - $3,220 (due May 1st) includes a 8% discount

10 monthly payments- $350 each month

Families with multiple children:

1st child is full price for tuition

additional children will be 10% off their tuition

Before and After School Care

Before School Hours:  6:30-8:20
After School Hours:    2:40-5:30 (Elementary starts at 3:40)

$1700 for one child for the year unlimited
$2200 max per family unlimited
$10 an hour 


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