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Tribe Contributors

Dan and Alyson Thompson

Josh and Kim Beeman

 Clint and Bethany Lashbrook

Bob and Pam Miller

Brenda Poole

Brian Staley

Bill and Cathy Ulrey

Zac Workman

Coral Washburn

Angi Herrington

 Dustin and Julia Wernz

Justin and Hannah Spittler

Eric and Paula Curry

Delmar Dambacher

Jake and Mikayla Hoult

Harold and Ruth Ann Anacker

Eugene and Heidi Miller

Janice McNurlan

Jay and Gayle Rayhel

Jeff and Amy Murphy

Charles and Amy Ladd

Jim and Amy Ladd

John and Janet Hasten

Jack and Nancy Forsythe

William Tillitt

Mark and Joy Wernz

Nathan and Heather Lankster

Mark and Julie Synder

Kent and Judy Tingley

Warren Le Fever

 Bill and Lori King

Rusty and Phyllis Glosser

 Virginia Cook

 Tom and Sally Murphy

Tracy and Noelia Higginbotham

 Sue Snedeker

 Bob and Sheryl Higginbotham

Nick and Shae Zumbahlen

Shawn and Valarie Stover

Phillip and Lorna Freeman

Bob and Arlene Parsons

Dave and Lil Workman

Mike and Angela Parsons

Joseph and Mary Mast

Max and Eileen Hammond

 Brian and Mariann Schaefer

 Mike and Lolita Neidigh

Dwight and Marca Shore

Mitch and Lanie Brown

Larry and Mary Jane Bender

John and Julie O’Rourke

Kent and Judy Tingley

Brad and Sue Ann Scott

Debbie Jodry

Andy and Jessi Huffington

Brian and Laura Simpson

Ashley Hefner

Jim and Leslie Hefner

Kevin and Maggie Murphy

Darren and Janess Bishop

Mary Kash

Deborah Martin

Glen and Elaine Shoemaker


Several Anonymous Contributors

Contributing Churches

New Rivers Church

Baliff Church, Inc.

Clarksville Baptist Church

United Methodist Women

Marshall Missionary Baptist Church

Marshall Ministerial Alliance

First Congregational Church of Marshall

Marshall Church of the Nazarene

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