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Lindsay Parsons


     My name is Lindsay Parsons and I have lived in Marshall since 2004. My husband, Matt Parsons is the reason I moved here, but this community quickly became my home too. I spent the majority of my childhood growing up in the suburbs of Indianapolis, but Marshall’s friendly small town was the perfect place for me to stay and for us to raise our family.


      Since I was a child, I knew I wanted to become a teacher just like Mrs. Fields, my fourth grade teacher, who loved her students and was always concerned with their education and well-being. I attended Indiana State University and received my Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. I then began my teaching career in the Marshall school district, starting as a substitute teacher and working my way up to a kindergarten teacher. I then attended Indiana State once again and received my Early Childhood Endorsement and soon became a preschool teacher at Project HELP.   However, after 8 years of teaching, I felt called by the Lord to homeschool my own children.   The things my kids would be facing in the classroom was inevitable and the things I would have to be teaching in the future was not ok with me. It had nothing to do with my employer. In fact,  I couldn't imagine a better place for me to work! But in order to keep our state and federal funding, we were beginning to be asked by the state to teach things I was not ok with. I did have freedom in my classroom! However, someday I'm sure I would have been needing to document such things in order for us to keep our funding. 


     I have homeschooled for three years and then Carrie reached out to me about what the Lord was doing in her heart and the call to open The Lion’s Tribe Academy. I was eager to jump on board but also wanted and desired what the Lord wanted. Matt and I prayed about this decision for me as a teacher and for our children as students. We both felt the Lord was leading us in this direction too. My heart is truly in the classroom and I desire for my children to be educated alongside other students and to do so in a Biblical school setting such as Lion’s Tribe Academy is the ideal scenario for our family.


     I look forward to this opportunity the Lord has given our family and I am excited to have the opportunity to share my passion for education and my love for Jesus with your child in our classroom at The Lion’s Tribe Academy.

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