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Abby Grubb


Hi I am Abby Grubb. I was raised in Paris and moved to Marshall a few years ago. I got my passion for teaching as a junior in high school when my teacher, Mrs. Pittenger, gave me the opportunity to go to a preschool and work with the students. I helped in Mrs. Tiffany’s classroom that year and she showed me all the different elements that went into teaching. The next year, I worked in a fourth grade classroom alongside Stephanie Schmitt who continued to show me how big of a difference I could make in students' lives by teaching them not only what they need to know, but how to be a good, respectable person along the way. These people and experiences helped me decide that going to school to be a teacher was the right choice.


I am currently at Lake Land College getting my degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. After LakeLand, I plan to further my education at Eastern Illinois University. 


When I saw that Lion Tribe Academy was looking for an assistant preschool teacher, I jumped right on it. I had heard so many positive things about the program and the people working within it, that I knew I wanted to be a part of it so I could be a part of the impact that they are making. I am so glad that I have received the opportunity of being with the school and all of the amazing experiences that have happened in just my short time here. I am looking forward to being able to continue making an impact on the students' lives and for them to impact mine!

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